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The Canteen Truck: The beginning and ending of my life of crime

(This is a memoir writing assignment for my Nonfiction Fundamentals course with Southern NH University.)

The Canteen Truck

(The beginning and ending of my life of crime)

Disclaimer: some names have been changed to protect the guilty – or maybe because I forgot them?

“C’mon Rick, you’re the perfect size.” Wow, that is so cool; no one ever said that about me. “Perfect size, yay! Perfect size for what?” I ask while running fast to John. John’s a big kid, three years older than me. “C’mere,” he says, wrapping his arm over my shoulder and behind my neck. His hand lands on my other shoulder. “D’ya see that truck? It’s called a canteen truck.” “You’re silly,” I say, chuckling. “I know it’s a canteen truck.” “Do you know what’s inside it?” I tell him sure I do. There’s candy, cookies, gum and Cokes inside – where we lived, near Boston, we called any soft drink a Coke back then. “Why?” “We want some,” said John.


Sign the Car Control Petition

Thanks for coming to sign the gun car control bill.

Wait… did that say ‘car’ control bill?! Do more people die from cars than guns each year in the United States? Does our licensing process properly identify which drivers will become killers – destroying lives with their cars?


Hey Smoker, D’Ya Like Being Manipulated?

I see folks purposely inhaling cigarette smoke into their lungs and can’t help but scratch my head and ask, “Why?”

Why would we flee a burning house to prevent inhaling the smoke from that fire only to go outside, turn around and while watching the fire fighters risk their lives to extinguish the fire …  pull out a cigarette, light up and start sucking down those carcinogens?