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Drawing a Gospel Warrior – Rev Billy Graham

The Christian community lost one of its most prolific evangelists this year. Reverend Billy Graham introduced the Gospel and Jesus to many, many people helping them understand that Jesus defined love by dying on the cross for everyone. This is my tribute to Billy Graham.

This is the process I took to draw a picture of Billy Graham I found online. I normally start by drawing 1″ x 1″ grids on both the photo and the paper where I’ll draw the picture.

1″ x 1″ grid pattern

grid on the drawing paper


After that, I typically will outline the image and where I think shading will go.

sketching outlines and shading areas

continued outlining and starting to shade

Then I pick a place I want to start and begin the process of adding light and shading. I had some challenges with the the skin’s wrinkles, the shape of the bottom lip, the shading under the jaw and chin and the loose neck skin. I drew, erased and redrew these areas many times – I arrived at a place where I was satisfied.

Challenges: side burns, face wrinkles

Here’s the finished drawing.

Finished: Areas I hoped would be better – chin, skin under neck, multiple skin wrinkles near jaw and neck.

Please feel free to comment on suggestions – I would appreciate constructive criticism and not just pokes to my eye. Thanks,



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