Lemonade Chronicles Life; Gently Squeezed


Lemonade Chronicles is Rick Forristall’s outlet for art and writing.

Rick his first work of art sometime in the fourth or fifth grade. He recreated an advertisement for Wonder Bread that gave him an entry into his school’s art fair that year. Since then he has practiced art and even took two years of fine art classes in high school.

Rick Forristall

Over the years Rick has learned to communicate well through the written word and has attempted to write some short nonfiction stories based on his life growing up and and some fiction writing after spending a couple of semesters in a Creative Writing master’s degree program.

Overcoming what a Reditt user called the “Imposter Syndrome!” The struggle with the idea that your ‘art’ is not really art and calling yourself an ‘artist’ is a bit ambitious.

Rick’s challenge is that over the years he had become a perfectionist – primarily because he felt he needed to be perfect to fit into his world. Since around 2005, Rick had begun to refer to himself as a recovering perfectionist — attempting to allow himself to feel OK when he didn’t completely succeed as something. Normally, when Rick drew something, he would quit because it wasn’t perfect — or as perfect as he wanted it to be. He decided early in 2017 to expose his process of drawing through social media and this blog to help him overcome his fear of rejection and as a result of constant drawing, hopefuly achieve a higher level of skills.

Lemonade Chronicles is his attempt to show others that you can make mistakes and create things that are not perfect that you and others can and will still appreciate. Throughout these posts, Rick will show his work – with all its flaws – with the hope that others out their that feel they too need to be perfect to fit in can realize that (1) perfection is not possible and (2) people appreciate all sorts of things that are far from perfect.

Rick is one of ten children and has many experiences in his life. From growing up constantly look up at the poverty line to a career in the US Air Force, to getting married and raising two daughters, to having four grandchildren to enjoying a post-Air Force career as a software developer.

Rick understands that he his far from perfect and has accepted that Jesus Christ loves him; therefore, he has accepted Jesus as his savior. Rick is amazed that Jesus loves even him — and died on the cross to assume the penalties for Rick’s sins.

Take a chance – try to do what you’ve been wanting to do.

Rick hopes you enjoy what you see and read and welcomes your (hopefully constructive) comments.