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Hey Smoker, D’Ya Like Being Manipulated?

I see folks purposely inhaling cigarette smoke into their lungs and can’t help but scratch my head and ask, “Why?”

Why would we flee a burning house to prevent inhaling the smoke from that fire only to go outside, turn around and while watching the fire fighters risk their lives to extinguish the fire … ¬†pull out a cigarette, light up and start sucking down those carcinogens?

Is is possible that smokers really think there’s nothing wrong with sucking in that smoke?

Is it possible that nonsmokers just don’t get it and are simply not ‘cool’ enough to be a smoker?

Or is it that the tobacco companies have succeeded in manipulating that portion of the earth’s population that inhale their carcinogens? Are smokers bombarded with habit-forming substances that force them to continue smoking.

Has the tobacco industry succeeded in fooling us into believing it’s cool to smoke? Ever see a movie where a smoker looks like someone we would NOT want to be? Do you think that’s an accident? Watch below – look at how one must contort their face to get the full drag of the cigarette. Does that look cool to you?

So are you a smoker? Are you ‘cool’ because you smoke? Do you enjoy banging down your hard earned income for something that puts – on purpose – smoke into your lungs? ¬†— Or — are you being manipulated by the tobacco industry?

How does it feel to have them manipulating you?



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