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Sign the Car Control Petition

Thanks for coming to sign the gun car control bill.

Wait… did that say ‘car’ control bill?! Do more people die from cars than guns each year in the United States? Does our licensing process properly identify which drivers will become killers – destroying lives with their cars?

Some might say it’s ridiculous to compare car-related deaths to gun-related deaths. After all, the purpose of guns is to kill people while the purpose of cars to to provide transportation – right?

So do you think if cars kill more people than guns we should ban cars?

Some say gun deaths will surpass car deaths by 2015:

Gavin Magrath, in his Huffington Post article, “For 2013, Let’s Ban Cars and Guns” suggests that we ban cars and guns. Read what he says here. Is he serious or mad? What about the source for his data – guns kill 30,000 Americans annually – where does he get is data? Do you know? Do you care? Magrath offer 10 bullet points for gun and car requirements. Will these help?

Here’s a guy who can help us think about the information we see, read and hear. It’s worth a listen and a viewing:

Amidst the Noise – Disinfo War

So, got an opinion? Banning cars is stupid! Guns are more inherently dangerous?

Don’t be bashful, let’s hear your ideas!